material: SILICONE
tipology: SINGLECORE


Silicone cables

Flexible tinned copper

Appliances Cables

Conditions of employment
Resistance to heath, for class H networking, lighting, high tension circuitry.

Type of electrical conductor
Flexible tinned copper

Main rule
VDE 0250 TEIL 502


Single core flexible tinned copper cable with silicone rubber sheath type EI2, VDE certified.

More informations

Technical Specifications:   Download

Review number n. 4 - 23/2/2011
Nominal tension 600/1000 V
Type of insulation EI2
Color of the outer sheath On demand (one or two colours)
Operating temperature -60° C | +180° C
Test voltage 5000 V
Cable marking ELETTRO BRESCIA <VDE> Reg. No. 7875

Nominal section Max wire diameter Conductor diameter Insulation thickness Average sheath thickness Average diameter Copper electric resistance 20°C Indicative weight CU Factor
(Nxmm2) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (Ω/km) (kg/km) (kg/km)
1x0,50 0,20 0,859 1,00 NA 3,0 40,10 NA 4,8
1x0,75 0,20 1,052 1,00 NA 3,2 26,70 NA 7,2
1x1,00 0,20 1,215 1,00 NA 3,3 20,00 NA 9,6
1x1,50 0,25 1,485 1,00 NA 3,6 13,70 NA 14,4
1x2,50 0,25 1,918 1,20 NA 4,5 8,21 NA 24

The manufacturer reserves the right to modify all or part of the data shown in this catalog

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