material: PVC
tipology: MULTICORE


PVC cables

Flexible red copper

Appliances Cables

Conditions of employment
Use in domestic premises and offices, for ordinary duty applications and household appliances, including in damp premises; use in high ambient temperatures and internal use in equipment where there is no risk of contact with hot parts; use outdoors for temporary periods of short duration.

Type of electrical conductor
Flexible red copper

Main rule
EN 50525-2-11

EN 60228; IEC 60228

EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1-2


Ordinary duty heat-resistant PVC sheathed cable for maximum conductor temperature of 90° C.

More informations

Review number n. 5 - 22/4/2015
Nominal tension 300/500 V
Type of insulation TI3
Type of outer sheath TM3
Color of the outer sheath Black, white, grey
Operating temperature +5° C | +90° C
Short circuit temperature 150° C on the conductor (max 5 sec.)
Test voltage 2000 V
Minimum radius of curvature 5 times the max outer diameter in mobile laying, 3 times in fixed laying.
Insulation tolerance ± 0,2

Insulation identification
number of cores Insulation identification sequence
2.00 Blue-Brown

Nominal section Max wire diameter Conductor diameter Insulation thickness Average sheath thickness Minimum external diameter Maximum external diameter Copper electric resistance 20°C Indicative weight CU Factor
(Nxmm2) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (Ω/km) (kg/km) (kg/km)
2x0,75 0,21 1,052 0,60 0,80 3,7x6,0 4,5x7,2 26,00 41 14,4
2x1,00 0,21 1,215 0,60 0,80 3,9x6,2 4,7x7,5 19,50 56 19,2
2x1,50 0,21 1,435 0,70 0,80 4,2x7,0 5,2x8,6 13,30 NA 28,8

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